Visions of the universe and cake’s place in it

Yesterday I went to see the Visions of the Universe exhibition on its Very Last Day. And what a day it was – especially if you have a thing for persistent rain that is too insubstantial to be a legitimate reason for opening an umbrella yet heavy enough to get you wet, overcrowded cafés full of people who don’t normally go to cafés but are only there to escape the rain and massive queues that form a large figure eight in the museum foyer. And I’d naively thought I’d simply swan into the National Maritime Museum, check out the space pics and be done with it. But it was all worth it in the end because I got to see photos of various planets, planetoids and nebulae, which is exactly what I’d come for.

Light hazelnut and chocolate cake

It’s full of stars!

The reason why I’m bringing all this up is the fact that I am about to make a very over-the-top statement: there are striking similarities between certain celestial objects and, well… cake. That is, planets, stars and galaxies tend to have properties that resemble those of certain kinds of cake. The properties I’m referring to are very basic, such as round shape, being concentrated around a central point and the fact that in both cases the process of creation involves some kind of spiraling motion (the whirling of particles inside a nebula and the stirring of cake). I find this primal (and perhaps not immediately obvious) correspondence enjoyable and symbolic. It’s also an inexhaustible source of material for meditation baking.

Below are some of the more blunt examples of cakes I’ve made with celestial bodies in mind:

The Sun – Summer Solstice Cake
The Moon – The Moon cake (I still need to write up the recipe for that one).
The Stars – Light chocolate and hazelnut cake

I’m thinking that the next time I make a cosmic cake, I might try to do a “Horsehead Nebula”.

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