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A no-sugar no-nonsense Stollen recipe

Arguably the best thing about the holiday season is the abundance of cake made with booze. A close second is probably Stollen, the traditional German Christmas cake sometimes found in other parts of the world. The above two premises inevitably lead to the logical conclusion that a boozy Stollen is something that needs to be […]

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Summer solstice thumbnail

Summer solstice cake

This cake is the result of my themed baking meditation on the subject of the summer solstice. This statement may seem farfetched at first glance, but I assure you it makes perfect sense – it all depends on one’s understanding of the concept of baking. 1. The art and craft of baking and the scope […]

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Celtic spiral

A walnut cake to end all walnut cakes

This walnut cake is not for the faint of heart – it is made for true walnut lovers only. The recipe is a variation of the one I’ve used for my Boozy honey walnut cake with cinnamon, only stretched to the nth degree in terms of size and walnut content. It comes with more of […]

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Buchteln – yeast dough cakes from Central Europe

Buchteln are fun and unpretentious yeast dough cakes from Central Europe, where they are huge (in popularity, not in size). Over there they are bigger than the muffin, the donut and the Beatles put together. This recipe is a tribute to all Central European Buchteln out there. The ingredients for the dough: 400g flour 40g […]

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Boozy honey walnut cake with cinnamon

It’s nut-grinding time again! This time I’ve made the traditional Central European honey walnut cake, which is usually made in a strudel shape, but I’ve given this one a bit of a twist, in the literal sense. I have made many variations of this cake, but I could never get tired of making it because, […]

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A contemplative walnut spiral

The spiral denotes the primal cosmic motion that brings all of creation into existence. This is quite a big idea to try to express through the medium of yeast cake. But it is what I have attempted to do nevertheless. The shape that most closely corresponds to the idea described above would probably be the […]

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