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Apple, walnut and cinnamon spelt flour cake, a.k.a. the “Stonehenge” cake

The name of this cake only occurred to me after I’d taken it out of the oven. I never set out to make a cake that resembled Stonehenge. To be honest, I expected this cake to look more elegant – much more elegant. But one has to play with the cards one’s been given and […]

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Baking failure and redemption – a failed walnut cake that was given a second chance as spelt flour bread

Failure – it’s bound to happen every once in a while. When it does happen, it tends to be ugly (see pic), although occasionally it transcends its boundaries and becomes interesting and even inspirational. This is the story of one such failure. I recently set out to make a spelt flour cake and ended up […]

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Summer solstice thumbnail

Summer solstice cake

This cake is the result of my themed baking meditation on the subject of the summer solstice. This statement may seem farfetched at first glance, but I assure you it makes perfect sense – it all depends on one’s understanding of the concept of baking. 1. The art and craft of baking and the scope […]

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Celtic spiral

A walnut cake to end all walnut cakes

This walnut cake is not for the faint of heart – it is made for true walnut lovers only. The recipe is a variation of the one I’ve used for my Boozy honey walnut cake with cinnamon, only stretched to the nth degree in terms of size and walnut content. It comes with more of […]

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Boozy honey walnut cake with cinnamon

It’s nut-grinding time again! This time I’ve made the traditional Central European honey walnut cake, which is usually made in a strudel shape, but I’ve given this one a bit of a twist, in the literal sense. I have made many variations of this cake, but I could never get tired of making it because, […]

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Spring Equinox yeast cake

With this Spring Equinox cake I have attempted to convey the idea of balance – the equilibrium of light and dark, day and night. As the cake was meant to be symbolic, I opted for a yeast cake, the perfect choice if you intend to make something special. Yeast cakes are a pure artistic medium […]

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