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Almond and apricot pie

With this pie, I really wanted to play it safe. Being strangely bereft of any need for risk-taking on this particular day, I needed a foolproof recipe that I could confidently use to achieve my baking objective, without having to worry about potential accidents or deviations. And my objective was simple: pie. An honest, no-nonsense […]

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Easy chocolate cake with raspberries

There is a time for complicated cake and then there is a time for simple, easy cake. I decided that today was the latter. I generally prefer my cake to be complicated, as such cakes lend themselves easily to the exploration of the artistic aspect of baking. I also like the challenge – at least […]

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Almond and apricot cheesecake

Healthy cheesecake recipe with apricots and ground almonds

This was ostensibly a birthday cake for a friend but I had a few ulterior motives of my own: First of all, I wanted to come up with a healthy cheesecake recipe that contained very little or no flour and sugar, but that produced a juicy and sumptuous cake nevertheless. Second, I wanted the rest […]

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Summer solstice thumbnail

Summer solstice cake

This cake is the result of my themed baking meditation on the subject of the summer solstice. This statement may seem farfetched at first glance, but I assure you it makes perfect sense – it all depends on one’s understanding of the concept of baking. 1. The art and craft of baking and the scope […]

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Strawberry torte

This is actually quite a simple torte cleverly made to look much more elaborate than it really is. It is basically just a sponge cake with a gelatine-free filling (I used a combination of marscapone, strawberry yoghurt and chopped strawberries,  but I couldn’t possibly say what the exact ratios were – I just mixed a bunch […]

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Apricot and almond cake – the quintessential ground nut sponge cake recipe

This is probably the most versatile almond cake recipe ever as it can be made into pretty much anything – fruit cake, sponge cake, pie, cake base, you name it. I keep coming back to it and adapting it for all kinds of purposes. It’s really a kind of cake mothership to me, which keeps […]

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Deceptively simple strawberry and white chocolate cheesecake

This looks like a simple little cheesecake, but don’t let its unassuming exterior fool you, for I put an embarrassingly large amount of planning into its making. I had one fundamental problem – how to make  the strawberry filling look strawberry-coloured without using any artificial colouring. Naturally, I could just leave the colour effect to […]

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