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The Cakes of Vienna part 2 – the original Sacher torte found

The previous installment of the Cakes of Vienna ended with a cliffhanger, which undoubtedly left you agonizing over what the original Sacher torte would turn out to be like. Well, you needn’t fret much longer, because the moment of truth is nigh. Part 2 – the Sacher torte itself We’re back at Café Sacher and it’s […]

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The Cakes of Vienna part 1 – the quest for the original Sacher torte

Last month I went on an epic cake pilgrimage to Vienna, with the aim of sampling as many traditional Viennese cakes as humanly possible within the given time frame (four days). Now, several weeks and many cakes later, I am finally able to reflect on my experiences and to examine all of the acquired cake […]

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Easter Sacher torte recipe

This is one of my many Sacher torte efforts and, although it may not be the best one, it certainly is the heaviest (in the how “full you feel after you’ve had a few bites” sense). On a 1 to 10 heaviness scale, this one would be a solid 8, perhaps even an 8.5. Coincidentally, […]

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