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A no-sugar no-nonsense Stollen recipe

Arguably the best thing about the holiday season is the abundance of cake made with booze. A close second is probably Stollen, the traditional German Christmas cake sometimes found in other parts of the world. The above two premises inevitably lead to the logical conclusion that a boozy Stollen is something that needs to be […]

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Healthy muffins recipe with a post-Halloween twist

In the aftermath of Halloween, it makes sense to make something sober. And what could possibly be more sober than the common muffin? We will be using a tried-and-tested healthy muffins recipe, adapted to out post-Halloween purposes. Last time I demonstrated how to turn the insides of a Halloween pumpkin into a well-timed pumpkin pie. […]

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How to make pumpkin pie from your Halloween pumpkin

Unlike cake, pumpkin is something that you can have and eat too. And what better way to eat a pumpkin than the pumpkin pie way? A lot of pumpkins are bound to be carved this week and to me that represents a significant pumpkin pie potential. And, as far as I’m concerned, whenever there is potential […]

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Summer solstice thumbnail

Summer solstice cake

This cake is the result of my themed baking meditation on the subject of the summer solstice. This statement may seem farfetched at first glance, but I assure you it makes perfect sense – it all depends on one’s understanding of the concept of baking. 1. The art and craft of baking and the scope […]

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Easter Sacher torte recipe

This is one of my many Sacher torte efforts and, although it may not be the best one, it certainly is the heaviest (in the how “full you feel after you’ve had a few bites” sense). On a 1 to 10 heaviness scale, this one would be a solid 8, perhaps even an 8.5. Coincidentally, […]

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Spring Equinox yeast cake

With this Spring Equinox cake I have attempted to convey the idea of balance – the equilibrium of light and dark, day and night. As the cake was meant to be symbolic, I opted for a yeast cake, the perfect choice if you intend to make something special. Yeast cakes are a pure artistic medium […]

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